r i z a . c o m

riza (ree-za) is greek for 'root'. geeks will understand.

about me. hi. i'm jen leibhart (pronounced lee-part). i'm a product manager focusing on web based products. i'm passionate about understanding all stakeholders (that includes the end user / market) and working with multidisciplinary teams to deliver products that exceed goals and make people's lives better.

a lot of the products i've worked on have helped to bring people together and that's definitely something i enjoy. i'm both interested in and have experience with online communities and virtual teams. i can build functional tools, not just pretty sites. i like music, warm weather, bright colours, polyester, consider nyc, melbourne, athens and london as 'home', like to travel and read too much non-fiction.

i am currently looking for a product development / management role. of course i'm on LinkedIn. my resume is available upon request.

this page is a stepping stone to...
e-mint is a global organisation for online community professionals that I co-founded in 2000. If you are interested in, or work in the field, I highly recommend joining (of course, i'm a tad bit biased).

richard brautigan. since '94, i've run this brautigan site (the first of its kind!) and an e-mail list. the mailing list is where the majority of the conversation happens. please join us to contribute or learn about richard brautigan.

online work, technology and life. this blog began as a site to highlight the research i did on my mba thesis concerning managing tensions & differences in virtual teams. it very quickly morphed into the broader subject of working & living online with a concentration on the work portion. dormant for a while as work commitments took over, i'm reviving it.

amy's handmade. i buy too much yarn thus i crochet. You can, of course, buy my wares.

contact me. you can contact me at jen at riza dot com with comments, questions, job offers, and really stinky blue cheese (ie stilton).