brautigan map – europe

you can learn more about the brautigan map here.

if you’d like to be listed as an european resident on this map, click on (what) and let us know your location, name and email address. fyi, your information will not immediately be seen on the site. due to websites being spammed, your contribution will need to be approved. thanks! jen

23 thoughts on “brautigan map – europe

  1. Austria

    Wolfgang in a small village called St. Marein, about 50 km north of Graz in Styria – alwo at

  2. England

    Martin in London – judgement @
    James in Bristol – Stjameshouse @
    Nick in Southend on Sea – nick.paul @
    Paul in Nottingham – info at dreamtargets. com
    Kevin in Hampshire – kkewell at ntlworld. com
    Neil in Liverpool – neil_schiller at hotmail. com
    Davinian in London – dave at uk
    Steve in London – Sphipps808 at aol. com
    Avni in London – avni at danceworks. net
    Peter in Leicester – peter.szewczuk at ntlworld. com
    Peter – near Milton Keyes – Peter.Robertson at midsummer. org
    Eamonn in Manchester- eamonnmurphy990 at hotmail. com
    Jonathan in London – jonnypelham [at] gmail [dot] com
    Soner in Guildford – soner.simsek at yahoo dot com
    David in the north east – akuk76 at

  3. France

    Marc in Paris – marc.chenetier at
    Marc in Toulouse – marc.aristegui at
    Oliver in Paris – olivier.lecointe at

  4. Germany

    Bastian in Munich – bastian.gahler at
    Kuno G. Gruen in Schoenhofen – kuno at
    Tim in Holstein – tim.techau at
    Rufus – ws at

  5. Ireland

    Andy in Derry – andyamsterdam @
    Eoin in Dublin – xoin @
    Oisin in Galaway and Dublin or a mountain – midmorninblues @

  6. Italy

    Roberto in Rome – roberto.berna @
    Walter in Florence – mastrowalt @

  7. Norway

    Morten in Oslo – morten.skogly at
    Lars in Oslo – lpoverud at

  8. Scotland

    Diana in Edinburgh – diana1 at
    Kate in Edinburgh – Kate.Dickson at
    Dougie in Edinburgh – Dougie.Traill at

  9. Sweden

    Hans on the westcoast of Sweden in a town called Goteborg – hansg at
    Martin in Stockholm and rebro -doneriksson at
    Jen – potheadpixie at
    Lars in Dalecarlia – lars.grahn at
    Markus – open7windows_
    Jonathan in Gothenburg – sombrero_fallout at
    John – men702v at

  10. Turkey

    v-bgunay – Barbaros in Istanbul
    Soner.Simsek – Soner and Isil in Istanbul
    gulsen_ergun – Gulsen in Istanbul

  11. Poitiers in France thierry dot cornec at inrap dot fr
    nice to have news from Richard

  12. please ad for France (thanx !) :

    Patrick in Paris – patrick.ho at

  13. Spain

    Birgit in Barcelona – birgit at
    Kiko in Barcelona – kikoamat at
    Guillem in Valencia

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