brautigan map – usa

you can learn more about the brautigan map here.

if you’d like to be listed as usa resident on this map, click on (what) and let us know your location, name and email address. fyi, your information will not immediately be seen on the site. due to websites being spammed, your contribution will need to be approved. thanks! jen

46 thoughts on “brautigan map – usa

  1. New Jersey

    Barless in Princeton – bpulsar2 at
    Justin in Westfield – onthenickle at
    Justine in Turnersville – Jpisces268 at

  2. North Dakota

    Maryelizabeth in Grand Forks – maryelizabeth27 at
    Tyler – WoodstockJewel at
    Diana in Fargo – outdoorsydiana at

  3. Arkansas

    Monagay in Fayetteville – wyrd_oneness @
    Dave in Hot Springs – spies_ @

  4. California

    Greg in Oakland
    Mark in the San Francisco/Bay Area
    Jimmer in Santa Rosa
    Marty in Oakland
    Ted in Malibu or Los Angeles
    Ashley in Rohnert Park (near SF)
    Jen in Petaluma, CA.
    Daniel in Santa Cruz,
    Steve in San Francisco and Bolinas
    Sherri in the San Francisco bay area
    Brian in San Francisco
    Beth in in Los Angeles and Alameda
    Christopher in West Los Angeles
    Blake in Santa Barbara.
    John in Santa Monica
    Casey in San Diego
    Nick in Bakersfield
    Conrad in east LA
    Johnin Chico, north of Sacramento
    Arin in Venice
    David in Orange
    Alex in Santa Barbara
    Drew in Capitola
    Monde in San Fran
    Gil in Marin County
    Rock in San Bruno
    Dave in San Fran
    Janet near San Diego
    Sinclair in San Jose

  5. Georgia

    Paul – Brautigan @
    Dennis – beatlit @
    June in Carrollton – lotuscricket @

  6. Illinois

    Allan in Chicago – francesgerard at
    Aron in Chicago – aschechtman at
    Carole in the Chicago area – caroleeddington at
    Lisa in Evansville – triviaqueen at

  7. Iowa
    Ken in Des Moines, cradled
    between the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers on Interstate 80.
    Cecily in Des Moines (during semesters)
    Kim in Cedar Rapids (but Australia in her heart)

  8. Kansas

    Richard in Wichita – rarnold at
    Kay somewhere in Kansas – benadams111at

  9. Kentucky

    Michael in Whitesburg – bobbymaggard at hotmail dot com
    Mark in Winchester
    Nelson in Winchester – pulaskiman1 at yahoo dot com

  10. Maryland

    Chip in Baltimore -MeisterC at
    Charlie in Gaithersburg north of Washington, D.C.- cbryant at
    Paul in Baltimore – Heiger9 at

  11. Massachusetts
    maelmord in east longmeadow – maelmord at javanet dot com
    paul in boston – pdangler at uua dot org
    richard in boston – seecoast at mediaone dot net
    sarah in amherst – kelloggskk at yahoo dot com

  12. Minnesota

    Ken in Marshall – kensmith_1969 at yahoo dot com
    Dean in St. Peter – deanalan at

  13. Missouri

    Shoshe in southern Missouri – Shoshe101 at
    Jed in rural Missouri – TO0EIGHT at

  14. North Carolina

    Troy in Greensboro and Hayesville – trmartin at curie dot uncg dot edu
    Tracey in Boone – tw51458 at appstate dot edu
    Patrick in Sophia – pswartz at

  15. Ohio

    Cecily in wickliffe, ohio (near Cleveland) – cmd002 at
    Norman in Oxford – artn at
    Rick in Cincinnati – btlore at
    Ernie in Hamilton, which is between Cincinnati and Oxford – erniepresley at
    Bob in Howard (East of Mount Vernon) – birchbarks at

  16. Oregon
    Jennifer in Portland – Woodstock8317 at aol dot com
    Ron – ron.leslie at attbi. com
    Jennifer – juppenda at willamette. edu
    Heather – Sassafras93 at aol. com
    Brenna in Forest Grove – mercury_nex at hotmail. com
    7odd Ryan in Portland – portlandian_7odd at yahoo. com

  17. Pennsylvania

    john who also is in michigan – Kestrel74 at aol dot com
    robin who didn’t mention what town – Robin2196 at aol dot com
    douglas in east berlin – Dptopper at aol dot com
    rachel in spring city (45 minutes away from philadelphia) – bigbigstar at gmail dot com

  18. South Dakota

    Franklin – fklock at
    Tommi in Spearfish – tommi57 at
    Sarah in Vermillion (at the most southern eastern tip of the state) – storrett at

  19. Tennessee
    Daphne & Bill in Nashville – d_finney at bellsouth dot net
    Brad in Knoxville – koolaidwino73 at hotmail dot com
    Linda in Franklin (near Nashville) – LALEE508 at yahoo dot com

  20. Texas

    Anabella in Dallas – ADonovan at
    Bill in Austin – Brooks at
    Alana in Austin – alana50 at

  21. Washington

    Louise in Bellingham – weeza at lucy dot az dot com
    Marty in Tacoma – see his site here – micromarty at
    John in Tacoma – jclemens at scn dot org
    Scott in Bellingham – scott at crocheron dot com
    Roxanna in Olympia – rocketb at callatg dot com

  22. Wisconsin

    Mollye in Milwaukee – mbarrett at execpc dot com
    Tom in Almond – tbarrett at spacvb dot com

  23. Vermont

    George in Springfield – gkanakis at meadowdance dot org
    Britten – querida_blt at hotmail dot com

  24. Virginia

    Bruce in Chesapeake – the.lunatic at lunatic-media dot com
    Josey in Virginia Beach – jmooney at
    Jerry in Hampton – silvershot at cavtel dot net

  25. My mother turned me on when I inherited her collection! Bonded with a young fisherman in Santa Cruz once, when I was spotted reading ine!

  26. I’m pretty sure reading Brautigan helped make me into a thoughtful enough person that I wouldn’t write something untoward here.

  27. I’m a huge fan of Brautigan. His words sound like they’re coming out of my brain…only more clever.

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