do folks who give brautigan books as gifts have a habit of writing notes on the title pages? my guess is yes.

from my collection, my favourite note says:

For Fred
from your old lady

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2 thoughts on “dedications

  1. i picked up my copy of ‘loading mercury with a pitchfork’ a few weeks ago and surprised myself with a dedication that was written for me! i had forgotten all about it! it says:

    Happy 3 years (and 1 month) anniversary, baby. I love you (name omitted to protect the innocent)

    we have not been together for many many years but it did make me smile and feel warm & fuzzy. especially as he is the one who introduced me to brautigan.

  2. a variation on this is when you get a used book and a former owner has written their name inside. how odd would it be to find that person?

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