over the years, people have shared, with me and the mailing list, their memories of richard. some have met him while others write about how his work touched them.

i’m working on a “memories” page for stories about meeting richard or what his works have meant to you. if you have such a story, please feel free to add it.

you can add by clicking on ‘memories’ in the navigation on the side or the ‘comment’ link above this post (if you don’t see a text box below). if there is a text box below, then go ahead & type away!

2 thoughts on “memories

  1. Yes, it could have been yesterday, but it must have been springtime ’72. Myself the young veteran, determined to readjust, enrolled in the creative writing course at community college. My instructor was a stylish 50-something who called me to conference in her office outside of class and told me she loved my stories, but I would’ve given her the daffodil anyway. “So you think I’m the next Brautigan?” Her voice throaty, low, she murmured “You…read Brautigan…?”

  2. Hi
    My husband and I read Richard Brautigan when we first married but did not know anybody else who did. We were in SanFransisco(I think) in around 1980 sitting in our hotel room when I noticed that there was a poetry (something) on locally and Richard Brautigan was going to be there.We went along and afterwards invited ourselvs into what appeared to be ‘afters’ Richard Brautigan was there and I was anxious to say Hello . eventually we both went over to him and stood akwardly looking at one another.For the first and only time in my life I asked for an autograph and when he indicated that he would oblige I did not really have anything except a tiny address notebook in my handbag onto which he scrawled a tiny ‘Richd Brautigan’ My daughter who now reads Richard Brautigan looks at me rather quizically when I assure her that yes I did ask and get his autograph. It always makes me smile and my husband still laughs as he remembers the look on Brautigans face as I assured him that we had traveled from Ireland just to meet him

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