pina colada child

one of our community members has published a book of poems called pina colada child.

over the past several months c.j. krieger has been sharing some of the poems in this book (and another one coming out soon – he must not sleep!) with the brautigan pages mailing list. they are typically short, sometimes quirky, sometimes bring a tear to the eye, sometimes you shouldn’t eat when you’re reading them (as you may find yourself spitting food as you laugh) and definitely bring to mind another writer we at the brautigan pages enjoy! 🙂

you can check out c.j.’s site, have a look inside the book or just hurry up & buy it!

below is an example and he’s also contributed gabby to our by fans section):

For The Skin

I told her olive oil
Was great for the skin
But she preferred Ranch Dressing

Copyright ©2006 Cecil J. Krieger