Brautigan Book Club in London

If you’re in London, you absolutely MUST check out the new Brautigan Book Club being put together by saltpeter productions.

The idea is to have a face-to-face meeting each month, discuss a Brautigan & take it another (or 3) level by discussing how it relates to modern day or posting a ‘creative response’ to the Brautigan work (which will later be posted to their blog). They’re also looking to host salons or other events which include live music, readings, performances & indulgent 60’s revivalism. 😉

The book club sessions begin January 25th 2012 in London. Sign up to their mailing list for updates & search #brautiganbookclub hashtag on twitter.

For those of you (like me!) who are not in London, they’re looking at ways for us to participate too! I can’t wait!