Multiple Brautigans at the Dinefwr Literature Festival in Wales

A write up in WalesOnline about the Dinefwr Literature Festival being held in Wales this weekend.  The festival’s organiser points out how she’s looking forward to the Brautigan Book Club & Ianthe being there on Sunday as she’s a fan of Richard’s work.

In case you haven’t heard, the fantastic folks at the bookclub are recreating Please Plant this Book for the festival.  Vera has posted some excellent photos of the making of process & final product.  You can check out 6 songs which were put together for the event including one from The Lovely Eggs. The Sound of Ladies has dedicated theirs to the Shasta Daisy.  Ianthe will also be there for a reading / chat.   The full schedule of what they put together is at the festival site.

If you’re close enough to Wales to get there for Ianthe’s chat this afternoon, go! Otherwise, we’ll have to wait for some more tales from the BBC folks!


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