about the brautigan pages

This site was started in late 1994 when I realized there was nothing on the net about Richard Brautigan.   I wanted to learn html so I needed a project  – and decided to create a site for Brautigan.

This site and its various forms (we also have a mailing list) are intended to promote Brautigan’s works and connect people who enjoy his works.

I have always tried to hunt down the appropriate owners of any photographs or works on this site before posting it.   In most cases I’ve been successful.   If you are an owner and have not given me permission, please email me (see the contact page for how to do that).

As for putting Brautigan’s work online,  I have tried to stay within fair use laws.   I understand having his work online opens it to new audiences and allows us to read things we may not have in our own collection.   However,  I do not own the copyright nor do I have permission  to publish complete works.   I do not recommend putting entire novels online if you do not own the copyright or have permission to do so.   This is why there are only samples of his work here.   There are plenty of other sites on the net which do infringe on copyright law so you will be able to find additional works.

Finally I have lots of people in the Brautigan community to thank for work visible on this website.   Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the translations on samples and by fans pages.   The images used in the (currently defunct) postcards and at the top of each page is courtesy of John Clark.   Ted Latty has provided lots of information re: the cover art.

Thank you all!