Revenge of the Lawn on Swedish Radio

Revenge of the Lawn has been translated (by our list’s own Jonas Ellerström) and published by Bakhåll of Lund.

I think this link will take you to the page where you can buy the translated version of Revenge of the Lawn (at least I hope so!)

This week, Swedish Radio has a program on Richard as part of their ‘Biblioteket‘ (The Library) show.

You can listen:

  • -Monday May 4 at 1403 hrs (streaming on the website or 92.4 MHz onthe FM band)
  • -Tuesday May 5 at 1815 hrs (streaming or FM)
  • -podcast (which i think is added after the show ends)

(time zone info: stockholm is UTC/GMT +2 hrs. if you are in NYC, that’s 6 hrs ahead so 1403 is 803a. if you’re in London, that’s one hour ahead of you so your 13:03 instead of 14:03. if you’re in SF, it’s 9 hrs ahead so 1403 is 503a. if you’re in Melbourne AU, . it’s 8 hrs behind so 1403 is 2203. i recommend checking time&date to confirm!)

The programme consists of interviews with Swedish readers, writers, critics and translators. (thanks to Jonas for this info!)

Torpedo – aussie mag features richard brautigan

Torpedo is a 4x a year literary journal / magazine / printed object / whatever we call them these days.

The most recent edition is dedicated to Richard Brautigan. His daughter, Ianthe, wrote the intro and was involved in selecting contributor pieces. The magazine contains works of Richard’s (stories from Revenge of the Lawn, excepts from In Watermelon Sugar, Trout Fishing in America, A Confederate General from Big Sur and others)

The Book Show is a radio program from Radio National / Australian Broadcasting Corp and last week’s (April 20 2009) show featured Torpedo in ‘Fishing for Richard Brautigan’.

The show features a brief interview with Ianthe Brautigan. The majority of the program is talking to the the founder/editor of Torpedo and contributors of the latest issue of torpedo

probably the most interesting thing (IMO) is ianthe’s quote regarding not feeling like she needs to protect her dad anymore.

she also briefly talks about teaching ‘trout fishing in america’ to one of her classes. how cool would it be to be in one of those classes!

happy new year!

happy new year to all brautigan readers!

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In Western Ohio

From the collection Condensed Matter and Other States of Mind by Douglas A. Fowler, Georgetown, KY: Finishing Line Press, 2005.

In Western Ohio
by Douglas A. Fowler

Summer sundown
green oak islands rise
in the purple orange humidity
of wide cultivated fields.

In the loam between the corn rows
I threw green-white watermelon rinds
and took too much for granted
their red-hearted watery sugar.

I want to push my foot arch
up against your heel, press my nose
over your shoulder, inhale your hair,
and slide my palm over the round
hip cotton of your girlish underwear.

We hear the water-heater percolate.
The furnace flame behind its glass plate
glows blue on the hallway floor.
The cat perambulates the house,
like others hunting in the barns
along Four Mile Creek where
the corn leaves rattle like sabres
in the moon’s liquid wind.

In Western Ohio was suggested and inspired by Richard Brautigan’s In Watermelon Sugar, New York: Dell Publishing, 1974

available at amazon – Condensed Matter and Other States of Mind