The Brautigan Book Club – End of Year party!!!!

If you haven’t been following these fantastic events, here’s your last chance!

And if you’re London based (or anywhere nearby-ish), you should be attending!

This Thursday nite, Nov 27th,  is So the Wind Won’t Blow it All Away.  I won’t even try to go into all the stuff they have in store for you… just go to their website.  It looks like an awesome evening!!   RSVP now!!!

Multiple Brautigans at the Dinefwr Literature Festival in Wales

A write up in WalesOnline about the Dinefwr Literature Festival being held in Wales this weekend.  The festival’s organiser points out how she’s looking forward to the Brautigan Book Club & Ianthe being there on Sunday as she’s a fan of Richard’s work.

In case you haven’t heard, the fantastic folks at the bookclub are recreating Please Plant this Book for the festival.  Vera has posted some excellent photos of the making of process & final product.  You can check out 6 songs which were put together for the event including one from The Lovely Eggs. The Sound of Ladies has dedicated theirs to the Shasta Daisy.  Ianthe will also be there for a reading / chat.   The full schedule of what they put together is at the festival site.

If you’re close enough to Wales to get there for Ianthe’s chat this afternoon, go! Otherwise, we’ll have to wait for some more tales from the BBC folks!


brautigan happenings in January

Happy New Year everyone!!!

There’s a couple things happening this month for those of us who appreciate Richard Brautigan so if you happen to live near anything listed below, check it out & then report back to let us know how it was!

Are there any other brautigan events happening? If so, let me know.

London – Jan 25th – The Brautigan Book Club is a face-to-face monthly meeting to discuss a book & preform other relate cool things. Their first event will be discussing ‘The Abortion’. Details here

San Diego California – Jan 27th – the Book Noir club will discuss “In Watermelon Sugar” at 1 p.m. at the Civic Center Library, 330 N. Coast Highway, Oceanside. (760) 435-5600

Brautigan Book Club in London

If you’re in London, you absolutely MUST check out the new Brautigan Book Club being put together by saltpeter productions.

The idea is to have a face-to-face meeting each month, discuss a Brautigan & take it another (or 3) level by discussing how it relates to modern day or posting a ‘creative response’ to the Brautigan work (which will later be posted to their blog). They’re also looking to host salons or other events which include live music, readings, performances & indulgent 60’s revivalism. 😉

The book club sessions begin January 25th 2012 in London. Sign up to their mailing list for updates & search #brautiganbookclub hashtag on twitter.

For those of you (like me!) who are not in London, they’re looking at ways for us to participate too! I can’t wait!

catching up on some reading

I often seem to try to catch up on things over the Christmas holidays & one of the items i wanted to read was this NY Times article from Feb 2010, A Homecoming for Richard Brautigan, about the event held at Vesuvio’s in San Fran earlier this year.

If you haven’t gotten around to reading it, here’s your nudge. Best wishes & holiday cheer to all! jen

for 1 nite only – an ‘abortion’ style library in Sydney AU

On Friday May 21st, even books is hosting

THE LIBRARY OF UNWRITTEN BOOKS – a night in honour of Richard Brautigan’s The Abortion, or, library lovers and amateur writers unite!

here’s their description:

Don’t be put off by the title; you only need to be willing to expel stories, not babies! This swinging sixties classic is a parody of the romance genre in which a librarian falls in love with a traffic-stopping beauty. Love leads to sex, sex leads to babies, babies lead to Tijuana … but the real point is the sweet library that Brautigan invents, to which anyone can submit a story; sketched in crayon, daubed with jam, heaving with mathematical calculations. Anything goes! We’ll have a real-live librarian on hand to accept your manuscripts, along with the psychedelic strains of local shoegazers, a listening corner, Tijuana tequila times, human dioramas and more.

the event is at: From 7pm-11pm, ClubHouse @ Performance Space, 245 Wilson St, Eveleigh.

if anyone goes, please let us know how it was!