Happy Birthday Richard

Today would have been Richard’s 77th birthday. We miss you & your voice.

How will you remember him today? You can read some of the samples we have on the site or check out these videos:

List to his daughter Ianthe, read One Afternoon in 1939

or listen to Richard read All Watched over by Machines of Loving Grace

Personally, I think I’ll be reading a few chapters of In Watermelon Sugar before bedtime. 🙂

Revenge of the Lawn on Swedish Radio

Revenge of the Lawn has been translated (by our list’s own Jonas Ellerström) and published by Bakhåll of Lund.

I think this link will take you to the page where you can buy the translated version of Revenge of the Lawn (at least I hope so!)

This week, Swedish Radio has a program on Richard as part of their ‘Biblioteket‘ (The Library) show.

You can listen:

  • -Monday May 4 at 1403 hrs (streaming on the website or 92.4 MHz onthe FM band)
  • -Tuesday May 5 at 1815 hrs (streaming or FM)
  • -podcast (which i think is added after the show ends)

(time zone info: stockholm is UTC/GMT +2 hrs. if you are in NYC, that’s 6 hrs ahead so 1403 is 803a. if you’re in London, that’s one hour ahead of you so your 13:03 instead of 14:03. if you’re in SF, it’s 9 hrs ahead so 1403 is 503a. if you’re in Melbourne AU, . it’s 8 hrs behind so 1403 is 2203. i recommend checking time&date to confirm!)

The programme consists of interviews with Swedish readers, writers, critics and translators. (thanks to Jonas for this info!)