new links & non-english sites

i’ve added a few more sites to the links page. most of the stuff online about richard is in english but there are some sites in other languages. i’ve re-org’d the links page to have separate sections for german and french which should make it a little easier for our int’l visitors. if anyone knows of others to add, send them over. thanks!

interesting site for bookworms

books well read is an interesting new site (in beta). it’s a social networking site like myspace or friendster, linkedin, ryze, etc. but it concentrates around books. u can post reviews, create your own ‘bookshelf’ of favs and then find people who enjoy the same authors or types of books. u can also learn about new authors.

there’s no brautigan stuff there yet. i don’t have the time to add it now (busy sending out resumes) so if anyone gets there before me, shoot me an email and i’ll help add (and put some links up).

UPDATE: Diana started a books well read page & put a brautigan book in there but she also told me about library thing. she said the site is more advanced than the one i found and after having a look around i have to agree. they have some great features in there. here’s the direct link to the brautigan search results. have a play and if you want to post your shelf links, please do so by adding the a comment to this page.