the brautigan library finally has a home

mark your calendars for October 7th!!

richard’s novel, the abortion: an historical romance 1966, takes place in a library where anyone can contribute a book as long as they deliver it by hand (& have written it!). it’s a great (pre-internet) idea where anyone can be a ‘published’ author with their book sitting on a library shelf.

such a great idea that in the early ’90s, Todd Lockwood set one up in Vermont. It was around 2005 when the library needed a new location & (I think) Todd stopped accepting books. Apparently he has about 350-400 books.

there was talk for a while of the Presidio branch of the San Francisico public library system bringing Todd’s library there. after all, the Presdio branch was the setting for richard’s book & people often thought it functioned as an abortion style library. for whatever reasons that didn’t end up happening but Todd’s library is getting a new home next month!

The Clark County Historical Museum in Vancouver Washington (USA) will become the permanent host of the Brautigan Library!

Oct 7th is the opening with Dr. John Barber presenting on ‘The Brautigan Library Challenge’ and both Ianthe Brautigan & Todd Lockwood in attendance.

If you’re anywhere nearbys, this sounds like a great event! If anyone gets pix, I’d love to link to them or post them for you. Also feel free to comment here!

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