after futzing around with the design and implementation of this website for a few months, i’ve finally decided to make it live so everyone can have a play! it’s not complete… you will see bits that say ‘more coming’ or that totally bomb out (like don’t even try the postcards… they’re not working).

BUT you can have a read and even comment on individual posts. to post on the website, you can post anonymously (though i prefer you don’t). you can register (the link is at the top right of the page) so you have a name and personality on the site (and the login page is linked to in the upper right too).

over the years, the brautigan pages website has been primarily an information source and the soul of the site has been on the e-mail discussion list. i don’t see that changing. some features like the map or if you like… have been around for ages (and i’ll be moving that info over to this site). basically the change is because the wordpress technology makes it easier for me to run the website and the site hadn’t been updated in years (my uni work made sure i didn’t have time for much updating!).

if you have any questions, let me know. jen

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if you like

if you’re looking for a brautigan find – here’s where to look.

if you have something to trade or sell, please add it here. (how? where is the link?) why have i said it’s ok to have comments but not working?

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