john clark

john clark is the editor/publisher of pLopLop (web site doesn’t exist anymore), a poetry, prose and artwork magazine. his first taste of brautigan was in 1978 when he read ‘loading mercury with a pitchfork. about 10 years later, clark began drawing brautigan.

In addition to brautigan, clark draws herman hesse, charles bukowski and jack kerouac. his works have been published in sure (the bukowski newsletter), LYNX EYE, the coffeehouse poetry anthology, flying island, blank gun silencer, kumquat meringue and nerve bundle. he has also exhibited his kerouac works at a gallery in kerouac’s hometown of lowell, MA.

paintings are done on good watercolor paper and very colorful and imaginative in the spirit of brautigan’s work
small (8×11 inches) for US$20
medium (17×24 inches) for US$40
large (36×48 inches) for US$60

ink line drawings for US$5

John Clark
PO Box 11445
Indianapolis IN 46201-0443

note from jen
sizes approximate , money back guarantee and prices as of a January 1998 converstation with john

john has been gracious enough to allow me to use some of his works for the postcards here on the site so in exchange i offered to let him advertise his work on this page. i am not getting commission off sales.