Below is a video of an art installation called ‘Brautigan 2009’. It was at the Headlands Center for the Arts in Sausalito California. From what I can tell, it looks like the exhibit was there in about June of 2009.

Chris Sollars is the artist behind the sculpture/multi-media installation. He has a page with lots of pix & info on his site.

The artist represents 7 of Richard’s books:

Revenge of the Lawn (I love the green plastic lawn chair!)
Rommel Drives on Deep into Egypt
A Confederate General from Big Sur
In Watermelon Sugar
The Pill vs The Springhill Mine Disaster
The Abortion
Trout Fishing in America

I love the simplicity of each book’s installation.

art in baltimore – waterfall (for richard brautigan)

If you’re in baltimore, MD, USA, you might want to check out this – waterfall (for richard brautigan). It runs til Feb 27 or March 27 depending on what website you read. UPDATE: confirmed it’s Feb 27th.

Waterfall (for Richard Brautigan)

Waterfall (for Richard Brautigan) - courtesy of the artist

The artist, evan la londe, credits living in upstate New York, growing up in the woods and Brautigan’s ‘Knock on Wood (Part Two)’ from Trout Fishing in America as the inspiration for this piece.  Of that story, Evan says:

The story is filled with a magic that I love; it’s phenomenological and metaphorical all at once.

There was a temporary installation of this piece last October in Prettyboy Reservoir, outside of Parkton MD.   Now it has moved to Baltimore to an art gallery called School33.  Details of the venue: school33

Evan is currently working on a video of the installation.   He’s got some cool pix showing the build on Flickr.

Waterfall Installation in Progress

In Progress - courtesy of the artist